Date : 13 September 2021
Location : United Kingdom

It s being revealed by Dr Michael Spence, UCL President and Provost, that the education of the British undergraduate is being supported by the fees of the international and postgraduate students at UCL and other institutions.

The home students pay the tuition fees, but it fails to cover the required cost for providing the courses at the undergraduate level. This system raises the concern for the future of the funding system for undergraduate courses. Next month there will be a comprehensive spending review published. It is expected to include the changes that are short to be done to fund higher education in England.

Dr Spence also said, "We will expose this fact completely that there is no course at UCL where the undergraduate fee can cover the cost of its course." He further added that "we are already supporting the undergraduate education of the British with both the postgraduate and international students' fees."

Dr Spence is the President and Provost of the UK's largest university. So he advises the British government not to follow the Australian system that uses the international student fees to fund the different universities.


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