Date : 11 October 2021
Location : Australia

The international border is edging the way for reopening in November. With this, the citizens of the country and permanent residents will get a chance to fly and re-enter the country without facing any difficulties. However, for non-citizens and temporary migrants, it is still sad news. The new decision comes under Phase C of the National Plan and is applicable only to the PRs and Australian citizens.

According to the plan, fully vaccinated citizens will be under 7-days home quarantine whereas the unvaccinated ones must opt for a 14-day quarantine. Again, these relaxations and plans are not applicable to temporary visa holders. There is a lot of dialogue already exchanged by the non-citizens who think it’s quite unfair as they also pay the taxes and charges for visas and there is no such precise explanation why they weren’t allowed for the same. However, according to the government, the temporary visa holders and non-citizens need to wait for Phase D of the National Plan to leave and enter the country but there is no specific timeframe.

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