Date : 05 June 2021
Location : Australia

World Environment Day, June 5, 2021, the world comes together for ‘Ecosystem Restoration. And Pakistan is the host today.

In a bid to restore the disastrous consequences of growth and development brought about by eliminating forest land as well as disturbing the balance in the ecosystem -- that had grave consequences of which the growth of the pathogens like Coronavirus as well as others is also one --the United Nation pledges to restore Forestland, as their mission environment, 2021.

Forests are vital to life on the planet for both man and animal. A third of the earth’s surface is covered with forest that’s either wet, warm, cold, dense or sparse.

The pandemic with which the world is coping, the last seventeen months, established the fact that messing with forest life and animal habitat or disturbing the food chain process that prevails in a jungle land, simply promotes the growth of pathogens like the Coronavirus and maybe more to foresee.

A shocking truth revealed the fact that the world is losing the size of a football pitch of forest every three seconds. They are those forests that regulate the climate by helping purify air and water, restore carbon dioxide as well as recycle nutrients, providing recreational and cultural value besides food and timber to mankind.

The UN proposes to bring about ‘ecosystem restoration’ by reversing and annulling harmful existing policies promoted in the name of growth and development. However, this time. roping in the rest, it said the restoration initiative need not be an endeavor by the government alone, other agencies, individuals, and business communities can also come forward and initiate the move, the UN said.

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