Date : 22 August 2021
Location : Canada

The on-campus vote program, which started in 2015 as the pilot program, has been canceled by the elections in Canada. This program was started to help the students within the campus cast a vote using a specific ballot set up on the campus. This allowed the students to vote from anywhere in the country.

The former University de Moncton student Charles MacDougall says, “I am very disappointed after hearing that Election Canada has canceled the on-campus voting system. It is shameful as I have seen that this program helped many staff and students use their right to vote when required.”

On the other hand, the spokesperson from Elections Canada, Diane Benson, informed that the decision is taken for two main reasons. He gave out the statement that the uncertain timelines around a minority government and the COVID-19 pandemic are why this cancellation has been approved.

In a statement, Elections Canada spokesperson Diane Benson said that the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertain timelines around a minority government are two reasons for the cancellation. The logistical challenges also included recruiting the workers for the election and securing the space on-campus.


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