Date : 15 July 2021
Location : United States

July, the season for several possible sports, earmarked the beginning also of the private billionaire space race. The rush for space on private jets has earmarked the beginning of another 'chill thrill race to outer space.'

This Sunday, Sir Richard Branson, 71, took a flight to begin the billionaires' 'private race' to outer space to be the 'supremo' in the Billionaire club flying on his private Virgin Galactic.

He is followed, in this pursuit, by his closest contender, Jeff Bezos, to fly on his craft, the 'Blue Origin' on July 20, covering more miles farther than Branson's record set at 50 miles farther from Earth's surface. In the following line, Elon Musk hasn't announced his space plans to outer Earth (yet), but his company, SpaceX, is primarily viewed as the leader in the private space industry.

Musk has asserted that his top priority is to make humans an "extra-terrestrial species" soon. However, said the WFP, 'the trio could easily team up to fight the looming hunger, and famine predicted, post-pandemic, in poor countries in the months ahead, 2020'.

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