Date : 31 January 2022
Location : Australia

The Biden Administration Adds 22 New Categories Of Academic Programs That Qualify For STEM OPT Extension

Biden administration declared a series of administrative alterations designed towards strengthening the ability of a nation to attract global talent. The alterations are also framed to enhance the economy's technological competitiveness and advantage working communities and people over the country. The alterations extend the definition of OPT (Optional Practical Training) in STEM fields to enable more students to be eligible for STEM OPT. Biden administration has to add 22 new classifications of academic programs that qualify for STEM OPT expansion, consisting of programs in forestry, computer science economics, bioenergy, cloud computing, financial analytics, and business analytics. The extension of the STEM OPT definition will offer foreign nationals and employers additional prospects to enter the H-1B lottery, eventually leading to lawful permanent nationality. Biden administration offered much-required guidance on the form of evidence that can satisfy the eligibility requirements for foreign nationals in STEM areas looking for an extraordinary capability visa O-1A category.

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Forbes Shares Its Latest Annual Ranking Report of Canada’s Best Employers 2022

Establishing prospects to connect is considered part of a broader push to keep the employees involved during the pandemic. The suburban Toronto institution that boasts as one of the top animation programs across the world has provided employees $250 to spend on establishing a well-framed setup for work from home and has on an ongoing basis hosted workshops to share the tips meant for remote productivity. The coronavirus response by Sheridan helped it earn the No. 8 spot on the annual ranking of Best Employers of Canada by Forbes. Forbes has partnered with the market research corporation Statista to make the sixth yearly ranking based on the survey of over 10000 Canadians working for firms with at least 500 personnel. Canadians, at times, judge their employers by a distinct set of metrics compared to their US counterparts. The overall healthcare system of Canada and strategy of publicly financed parental leave indicates that corporations have to differentiate themselves in some other ways to retain and attract talent. To grab the attention of talent in one of the highly multicultural nations across the world, establishing an inclusive form of culture is regarded as table stakes for several employers belonging to Canada.

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Key Employers Say Changes In Work Rights Announced By The Australian Government Will Be Beneficial For Both Employers And The Student Employees

Major employers across Australia have made a suggestion that a change in work rights for the students in the nation will alleviate staffing issues that have been increased by COVID – 19 outbreak. Employers including Woolworths, 7-Eleven, and Bunnings say alterations announced by the Australian government – allowing study visa holders to work longer than 20 hours temporarily – will be advantageous for both student employees and employers. Pandemic, specifically in recent months, has established enormous staffing issues for the franchisees so that they are also extremely happy with the declaration. The chain of convenience stores has been calling for alterations. The view of 7-Eleven is that students must be allowed to work as many hours as they can manage as long as they are fulfilling their requirements, of course. The Australian fuel industry uses international students exclusively, with some international students accounting for among 35% and 40% of all employees and over 70% of all shifts worked between 10 pm and 6 am. It will immensely aid in managing the present short-term labor shortages in the industry.

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International Day Of Education – Changing Course, Transforming Education

24 January was honored as the International day of education. Education is highly significant among 17 sustainable objectives laid down by the UN to transform the world. This day has been celebrated each year since 2019 to draw people's attention, mobilize political will across nations, and produce resources towards education, leading to an indispensable tool for establishing sustainable and knowledgeable communities. International day of education commemorates the reinforcement and acknowledgment of education being a basic requirement of each individual. Education is regarded as the absolute must to fulfill human existence. It is determined significantly as a human right. India acknowledges education as the fundamental right under Article 21A of the Constitution by undertaking compulsory and free education provisions to all among 6-14 years of age. Educational institutes like colleges, schools, universities are centers of student interactions where learning and teaching go hand in hand. Students are educated by their teachers and friends, including seniors, batch mates, and juniors.

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60% Millennials Say, "We Should Not Celebrate Australia Day on 26 January”

The matter of when or whether to rejoice Australia Day looks to grow into extremely stuck in a round of vicious debate deprived of any resolution. In studies, during November 2021, a random sample of over 5000 Australians was a segment of the Deakin Contemporary History Investigation. As compared to preceding surveys that have emphasized what to call Australia Day, in this current survey – is 26 January the correct date for something known as Australia Day? It has been found in the study that 60% of the defendants desire to continue revealing 26 January as Australia Day. However, generational distinctions are substantial. Over 53% of millennials think that 26 January must not be marked as Australia Day. One major explanation is that elderly people are more resilient to variation. Their acquaintance with Australia Day as a recognized end of summertime for communal togetherness is possibly more resilient than their clarification of the day's past significance or the political bearing on the discussion.

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Nursing Students face Uncertainty Due To Continual Prevalence of COVID-19

The continuous prevalence of covid-19 affects the nursing program students at BYU. They have been waiting to decide whether their studies overseas will happen this year or not. The director of the nursing study abroad program, Ryan Rasmussen said that they have to wait for the university's response regarding international travel and study abroad decisions. The Global Vice President Renata Forste expressed that before starting a study abroad, we need to think about the covid-19 positive students and quarantine necessities, including its cost. However, nursing students have given a different response to how studying abroad has made their future planning, such as job, marriage licensed practical nurse exams, and many other issues. The students are worried that they might not get an opportunity to study abroad this year even though lots of false hope has been given to them that studying abroad will happen. In addition, such a delayed decision about studying abroad has supplemented financial stress on few students as they are in a dilemma about their job and extra money that they might need to study overseas. In furtherance, nursing faculty are endeavoring to sort plans out; however, COVID-19 is creating setbacks.


Student Guide: How to Write a Powerful Letter of Reference?

A letter of reference reflects one's academic performance participation in internal and external activities along with extra-curricular activities. While writing up a LOR, one should not make it too sketchy or hazy; it should focus on the candidate's true personality and detailed description. In furtherance, even if LOR has been written in simple language, it will work, except it has provided an excellent explanation about the candidate. A poor LOR and lies about the academic and non-academic capabilities of the candidate to make LOR more impressive often result in the rejection of their admission. In addition, it is necessary to understand that the statement of purpose (SOP) and LOR should not be the same. SOP is a self-assessment that elucidates the meaning of the candidate to take admission in any university. To write authentic LORs, it is required to have a personal relationship among the school counselors, educators, and students. School administration should keep a complete profile of their students, such as their strengths, weaknesses, potential, and other information required while writing down a detailed LOR about a student.


Leap, a South-Asian Platform, is on a Mission To Democratize Global Education

Hundreds of aspiring students have benefited from Leap's assistance in pursuing their ambition of studying abroad. The organization was founded in 2019 and is now the largest online study abroad platform in South Asia. Many important names in the sector are linked with Leap, which provides scholarship and financing services. The goal of Leap's creation was to ensure that students had access to worldwide education of the greatest quality while also receiving career guidance. There are scholarships which provide students with a comprehensive set of products and services to aid them on their international travels. Students who desire to take IELTS tutoring may get help from the firm. There are other considerations for visa applications and funding, among other things. Leap also has an app that offers certain free services that customers may use as needed. One of the key services provided by LeapScholar, the company's scholarship program, is college admissions and counseling. One may get assistance from leaps internet professionals who have extensive knowledge and provide the best possible solution to the situation. There is a mechanism for 100% financing of college loans, with interest rates far cheaper than those in India.


Professor Hua Kun Liu, Founding Member At The Institute For Superconducting and Electronic Materials (ISEM), is the Newest Member of the Order of Australia

Professor Hua Kun Liu has been awarded an OAM in the general division for significant contributions to scientific research and higher education. She is a well-known professor and founding member of the Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials at the University of Wollongong. Since 1994, she has accomplished 55 research grants and has written 900 scholarly papers in different areas such as rechargeable batteries, chemistry, material science, energy storage, conversion, etc. She also received an award from the Ausinan Science and technology society for her contributions to nanotechnology. Apart from her, another Australia day Honours list recipient is Kay Thompson, who has been awarded a Medal of the OAM in the general division for his service to softballs. He was a softball umpire and a long-time president of softball NSW, where he served from 1988 to 2002. Another recipient is Pamella Vernon, who has been conferred a Medal of the OAM in the general division for her services to social welfare. She is vice president for AFA and director and coordinator of origins HARP. The next recipient is Jennifer Mary Thompson; she received a medal of the OAM in the general division for community services via social welfare organizations.


Covid-19 Continuously Threatens Australia’s Supply of Research Animals

The supply of animals for research is under threat due to the closure of the Western Australian border. The reason is Covid-19; as per the sources, there is a closure for an indefinite time which might be eased by 5th February 2022. There have been various impacts of this lockdown; the effect is prominently seen on the flights which are being disturbed due to the movement of people around. Further, the institutes which are part of the supply chain to provide the animals for research are on the point of getting closed soon; as per the sources, one researcher has been distressed because they are pursuing a PhD, and it has to be submitted within a time limit. As the government has even shown a blind eye and has decided to subside its operations in the animal trade, it becomes pertinent that there is a possibility of closure for the institutes as an inevitable fate. Some key stakeholders have also opined that institutes and their investors demand trust and faith. In the middle of all the fiasco created by the covid-19 pandemic, it becomes simple for one to take action immediately. At the moment, some principal stakeholders are in conversation with the government. As per some consultant vets, it is being suggested that animals can be shipped through the air if other means are getting compromised.

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