Date : 29 June 2021
Location : United Kingdom

The universities in the UK are planning to follow a mixed set of sequences for the lectures in autumn. They will combine the online lectures and some in-person classes for this term. This is the reason that universities are suggested to refund the least part of the fees from the students. As the lectures will not completely be face-to-face and will include online classes too.

This is a blended learning technique that will continue until entire students get vaccinated. It also depends upon the social distancing rules. A student Rhian Shillabeer of the University of Kent wrote an open letter saying that it is not fair to charge the entire fee for just the YouTube tutorials. She said that in-campus study should become a priority. This letter was also signed by hundreds of students. The university authorities are also asked for the government to support in increasing the vaccination programs. This will speed up the process of resuming education with in-person classes. More than 32000 international students demand a 30% of tuition fee refund by signing a petition earlier this year due to a pandemic.

Meanwhile, in America, the oldest private black college in America announced to reduce its tuition fee by 15%. Yes, you are guessing it right it’s Wilberforce University. This 15% is been reduced for the students who are residents of Ohio. This decision is taken into account of the campaign the university is running called “You Matter, We Care, You Belong at Wilberforce University!”

The tuition prices are reduced from $12,020 to $10,217 for the session 2021-22. The students enrolling in the maters and entering CLIMB will also be enjoying the same perk.

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