Date : 08 May 2021
Location : England
There are only two weeks left for students to apply for an education loan as the application process closes on May 21. Student Loans Company encourages students, who have not yet decided which university to attend, to get their applications in before the deadlines. This process takes anywhere from six to eight weeks, thus, they are advised to apply online at the earliest. Like every other online application, this too requires students to organize documents as evidence. This includes their National Insurance Number, bank details, residence proof, and passport. Let’s say, if there is a change in the details about their address, they have to report it to the higher authorities. How much funding students can apply and their eligibility for tuition fee depends on the course and their total household income for the previous tax year. Such funding or maintenance loan covers their living expenses to a significant extent. Students living with a disability and who have a dependent relying on them financially are likely to receive bonus funding from Student Loans Company.

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