Date : 18 June 2021
Location : Australia

In Australia's Northern Territory, New South Wales decides to bring up to 250 students every week due to the loss that they have been incurring.

The international students here contribute AU$40,000 to about $30,000 to the region's economy, owing to which initiatives are now on from state governments, instead of Federal, to bring back international students to restore income.

Pointing on similar lines, South Australia states their revenue losses in retail and tourism businesses also. The harsh restrictions imposed by Australia, due to lockdown, checking the pandemic's entry in March 2020 has primarily shut out incoming students and the income in addition to that.

The country imposes restrictions on all foreign travelers except those from New Zealand, with entry possible within two weeks' quarantine.

Such restrictions create grave difficulty for scholars, who are now looking at other destinations like the US and Canada, which, however, is likely to further impact education revenue in Australia as more than 35,000 Australian students are still stranded overseas -- and international students remain further down the queue, moving the international students and the government alike.

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