Date : 06 September 2021
Location : Canada

Due to the pandemic, international students — who are heading to Canada for their academic pursuit continue to face odds.

Besides the absence of a direct flight to Canada from India and several other places, the burgeoning travel cost price is their primary concern.

Students have also had financial issues post reaching Canada. They have been struggling to find the right deal with the increasing flight fares for reaching Canada, paying for a place to quarantine, and difficulty finding reasonably priced accommodation once there.

Students have to find different alternatives not only for travel but also for their stay if they are not vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the Health ministry Canada.

In such a scenario, students may still have to quarantine on the guidelines of Canada-approved vaccines. For instance, an international student with a Covaxin will have no alternative but to spend more and quarantine to reach Canada.

Also, a more than 500 days visa delay and clearing permit papers at the embassies have had repercussions on the students’ requirement to extend their semester by a year. This is currently the primary concern for international students flying to Canada as their academic destination.


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