Date : 22 May 2021
Location : Canada

Thursday’s announcement was very vital for most of the economy sector. They got a rough idea about the time when they can expect their work to resume. But there was one omission done from the announcement and that was about the schools re-opening. Dough Ford said during the Thursday announcement that the science table is still facing odds. And this is the reason that the decision about re-opening the schools is delayed.

Ford added that the science advisory table is splitting while making the decisions of sending kids back to school for in-person lessons. The spilt is occurring after witnessing the modeling that predicts an increase in cases by 6 to 11%. There are few doctors on the science table who are opposing the re-opening of schools for now.

Erin Roy who is president, OSSTF District 9 says that the clock is ticking for the high-school students as they will start their exams by mid-June. She also added that she wants the elementary school students to get back for in-person lessons. She hopes that soon the decision that is better for all will be taken.

Meanwhile, Dr.Wajid Ahmed supported the delay and said that “the vaccination for 12+ is going be started from May 31st. And this delay will help them to vaccinate the kids before they start going back to schools for in-person lessons.”

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