Date : 22 July 2021
Location : United States

From October 2021, Google Bookmarks will no longer be operational.

Any decision on the part of Google is always big news; it affects many users.

The discontinuation of their sixteen-year-long venture --Google bookmarks would affect Google’s navigation app most.

Google Bookmarks’ this decision may no longer support it after September 30, 2021.

Google Bookmarks, introduced in 2005, is primarily used as a cross-device bookmarking tool by some third-party apps and other users. It allows the users to bookmark links or notes and access them from any device or computer as a bookmarking tool.

The current feature separates from the browser bookmarking and allows users to save bookmarks in the Chrome browser.

For instance, the ’star marked’ locations in Google Maps operate within Google Bookmarks. Thus, the two services work in sync.

Leading to a worry for many users on this decision, Google confirmed to its avid users that the rumored ‘Starred Locations’ would not go missing. “Starred locations are not to be deleted’ when support for Google Bookmarks ends, it confirmed reassuring users.

Google Bookmarks, despite its name, doesn’t have anything to do with the bookmarks saved in Google Chrome, Google affirmed.

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