Date : 28 August 2021
Location : Canada

Plans for coming back home, use Canada student visa tracker. The Student Direct Stream (SDS) in Canada, available here also, has had the fastest, easiest and most accessible visa approvals from countries like Brazil, China, Columbia, Vietnam, the Philippines and India for Canada.

Of the half-million international students in Canada this year, 34% of inbound students are from India, and China is at 22%.

Eight in 10 Indian students applying for visas from the SDS route have had their applications approved in India. Beginning August 9, vaccinated students from most approved countries have been entering Canada without hotel quarantine.

Students facing AIP rejections after studying online fear why they are not allowed to be back at the university campus. The rejections have mostly come because of not having an appropriate course or lack of adequate financial backing for going to Canada.

Plans to clear the backlog is indicated in six months, once papers are in place as the embassy plans to reopen them. However, even now, Indian students heading Canada have to avail a third country to reach there.

For a quick update on all, avail student visa tracker that also sorts plans like which way to take for coming back home.

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