Date : 06 May 2022
Location : Australia

International Travel Banned for Queensland State Students

As a safety measure against covid-19, two teams of students from Brisbane high school have been averted from travelling to the Isle of Man to participate in the international linguistic Olympiad, even though the borders have been recently opened in February this year.

The education minister of Queensland, Grace, had imposed the ban on international travel of state staff and students in 2020, owing to the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.

Additionally, students from three other state high schools have been restricted from travelling to the United States to participate in the world Robotics championship (2022) held this week.

The Department of Education announced it would join the competition online due to the prevalent travel restrictions imposed on state staff and students to ensure their safety.


A Short Guide to Intakes in Australian Universities

Australia provides an excellent education system to domestic and international students, attracting many worldwide. Students desirous of studying in Australia must note that they provide multiple intakes for students.

Usually, the Australian universities provide two intakes; February and July intake. Few universities also provide multiple intakes in September and November. Students who specifically travel to study in Australian universities must consider various aspects of admission and decide which intake they want to enroll in based on their requirements and the availability of the course they want to pursue.

The November semester may be unpopular. Except for the students who decide to enrol in the summer semester. The international students may not be allowed to enrol in the first summer semester. Campuses are full from late February to June and July.


Singapore Invites Applications for The British Council IELTS Prize (East Asia) 2022

Application for the British Council IELTS prize is open till 15th July 2022(18:00 HRS) for students who aspire to pursue Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in 2022/2023. A local prize for three deserving students from Singapore worth $14,400 will also be rewarded

For participation, students must have scored a minimum band 6 in all the four components of the IELTS test conducted by the British Council in East Asia.

The shortlisting and interview process shall be held in mid-July 2022. The prize money will be awarded to individuals who are passionate about utilising skills and knowledge for the betterment of society. The results will be declared by August 2022. For further information, visit:


Students Get an Extension On Their Work Permits with The Reopening of Immigration Streams

The Canadian government will provide an 18months extension of post-graduate work permits for international students and reopen the route to express entry for those whose work permits expire between January and December 2022. However, there have been no such announcements for students whose work permits have expired (27th November-31 January 2022), inviting lots of criticism

With the opening of express entry, it has become easier for international students to apply for permanent residence easily. The Canadian government also announced an open work permit to immediate family members residing outside Canada to encourage family reunification.

The extension in work permit will help the international students get more opportunities to increase their work experience, enhancing their chances of qualifying for permanent residence.

The Canadian government has taken this step to fill the labour shortage gap in the country and boost the employment rate.


Covid-19 Drug Ineffective According to A Lab Study

In a recent study led by Laura Stevens, MS, and Andrea Pruijssers, it was observed that the Coronavirus showed resistance to a popular drug, Remdesivir. Remdesivir is a powerful antiviral drug given to patients to treat COVID infections. It was used to prevent severe illness in people that may lead to hospitalisation or death.

There have been rare instances of resistance against Remdesivir during medical treatment, but the recent study has made it a concern.


According to A Survey, First-Generation Students Have a Higher Inclination Toward Online Learning

Anthology, an Ed. Tech has recently announced their results for the 2022 National students success survey. According to their survey, most students prefer to take online courses without a fixed timing. They prefer to meet the faculty member virtually and see online education as more productive than offline learning.

According to their survey, almost 40-45% of students increased their job timings with the onset of the pandemic. The obligation to meet their educational expenses and the growing competition in the education sector puts them in a dilemma.

The survey finds a high need to educate first-generation students about the significance of a college degree.

Anthology has recently joined with Blackboard to become the largest Ed. Tech company for improving the standard of education throughout the globe. It aims to support learners pursuing higher education through advanced technology and services.


The Technical University of Munich Tops The CHE Rankings in Various Categories

The Technical University of Munich gained high ratings from the engineering students for providing an excellent study environment. The TUM has topped the CHE (center for higher education) rankings in various categories.

The CHE ranking is held every three years to provide guidance to aspiring students. The TUM gained the highest ratings from Mechanical engineering students for its study environment and courses. The architecture engineering students also rated them high for their It infrastructure and liberty, while the students studying chemical biotech praised TUM for their laboratory and organised learning environment. TUM was placed in high rank for every subject.

The CHE allows students to evaluate an institution under various parameters, including infrastructure, learning environment, faculty members etc.




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