Date : 14 August 2021
Location : United States

Most colleges are trying to convince students to get vaccinated against COVID-19 with luring incentives for the youngsters in the US.

The drive also remains to see students safely on the campus, vaccinated, before the delta version of the Covid-19 hits off.

Gift certificates, free tuition fees, laptops, free pizza parties and much more, it’s party time for students reaching out for higher education in the United States, also a Fall Curtain raiser.

Over 600 US colleges and universities, including Washington State University, Boston, require that their staff and students be vaccinated to return to the campus safe this Fall.

Partially vaccinated students at the University of Alabama (UA) have vaccinations open till 5 p.m., till August 28. In addition, students availing of the facility would also be rewarded $20 in ‘Bama Cash,’ in campus currency, under the drive ‘Protect Our Herd’.

The other universities to go the similar way have been Central Michigan University, West Virginia University, the University of Ohio, and the Texas A&M University with reprives like fully-paid fees to students showing proof of vaccination.

The attempts remain to protect the students and staff in the face of the Delta variant’s looming threat.

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