Date : 06 May 2021
Location : Australia

As per the new federal government data, the number of enrollment from China has fell over by 22% whereas the enrolment of other international students reduced by half, meaning, 43000 fewer students enrolled as compared to last year. In February 2021, the universities witnessed a 37% drop by nearly 30,768 students. The enrolment was 48429 in 2020 and 57913 in 2019.

The update is that students can still enroll in universities and learn online until the border opens. A few institutes have also begun offering discounted fee for promoting their online studies. However, the scenario for higher education students also fell down to 28749 from 330499, which is 14% less as compared to 2020. In contrast to this, the students enrolled to Vocational education and training or VET has gone up to 42,120 as compared to 32463 in 2020 and 19027 in 2019.

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