Date : 04 June 2021
Location : Australia

The international students in Victoria if looking for short-term work can consider this opportunity. They can work for Australian farms as the agricultural sector is experiencing a shortage of workers due to pandemics. And with the border restrictions workers are prohibited from entering the country for their peak harvesting season.

According to the Victorian government, there are thousands of short-term jobs in packing sheds and paddocks across the state. Workers from any age group and skills can apply for these jobs.

Many jobs do not require pre-skills as workers can learn them then and there. But some jobs such as driving or operating machinery might require a bit of pre-knowledge and license. As the jobs are often outdoors it is quite physically challenging.

Before you apply for any of these jobs check for products and harvest of Australia. Do your research work and do not join any random employers without verifying. You can seek knowledge about harvest through horticulture industry websites or local government websites.

If you find yourself eligible for the harvest job you can apply for the same through jobs “Victoria online hub”. The hub matches the job seeks to the employers looking for skilled workers. Once you get registered on the hub an alert will be sent to you regarding the job that matches your skills, location, and experience.Make sure that all the terms and conditions mentioned for the jobs are fulfilled at your end.

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