Date : 20 September 2021
Location : United Kingdom

As more and more online learning gets prevalent, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) warns that the British colleges would struggle to justify their high tuition fees.

In a value for money debate, the director, Andreas Schleicher, reflected concern for balancing safety issues during the pandemic with student’s desire for a return to face-to-face instruction and expectations of social life on campus.

“Students attend university to meet great professors, work with colleagues and have a social life,” he added.

A growing public demand to cut higher education funding may lead to issues about whether greater participation is fueling public pressure.

He seemed to pick out the exorbitant tuition costs levied by students attending institutions in recent years, particularly in England, which he claimed were the world's highest outside the private sector.

Government officials are also proposing to slash tuition prices from a maximum of £9,250 (US$12,700) to £7,500 (US$10.300).

Several students also support living expenses through this, therefore the OECD may not have fully included these subsidies.

Repayment of this loan is deferred until graduates earn a living wage. A graduate in the UK pays back the education loan according to their job ability during their entire work span.


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