Date : 09 August 2021
Location : United Kingdom

The students interested in studying medicine are now having the choice to defer their places for next year. The students also have the option of choosing the medical school or changing it in the middle of the constraints. This is the decision taken by the UK medical schools.

The MSC known as the Medical Schools Council that represents 44 heads of the medical schools all across the UK has brought out this decision. The MSC has said that the schools are struggling to gain the number of students. This struggle is due to the limitation on the specialist facilities that schools provide to the students.

The medicines and the dentistry schools have been provided with extra funding from the government. The funding is given for expanding courses and will increase the applications within these subjects.

The MSC gave out a statement in which it mentioned that medical schools are always committed to providing a high standard of education level. The facility level is similar for new or old students studying medicine. This is why the government also ensures that the additional places within the medical and dentistry field should be funded properly.

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