Date : 24 September 2021
Location : Canada

Earlier this month, Ontario Government announced there is no requirement of class caps and distancing. It was announced after the in-person learning resumed within the post-secondary institutions. But now, a union representing the workers within the university campus in Ontario has requested the government for something different. The union wants that the place must have classroom capacity limitations and distance rules. The union is called CUPE Ontario, and it includes workers from different departments such as research and teaching assistants, food service, administrative, etc. Currently, the union represents workers on 17 university campuses. President, Fred Hahn stated, “universities require more than the proof of vaccination and mandatory masking policies to stand against the Delta variant of COVID-19. He also added that after hearing the classroom condition from the members, it could be called a “recipe of disaster” as there are hundreds of people packed in classrooms sometimes.

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