Date : 19 June 2021
Location : Australia

With the lockdown hitting the government and international students alike, international students studying remotely in Australia resorted to social media with a hashtag message that read #LetUsBackToAus.

The harsh restrictions imposed by Australia in a bid to check the pandemic’s entry from March 2020, has shut out more than 25,000 incoming international students that are suffering major losses.

Several region's economies have been badly hit owing to it. In an attempt to restore the economy, the state government's attempt to improvise provisions for international students to reach back to Australia was approved.

The Federal Government that had been sitting on the decision, the past three weeks, came forward to agree to the proposals made by the states last evening, approving it.

The international students here contribute AU$40,000 to $30,000 to the region's economy besides providing services to 20,000 jobs available in these areas, which have also received a hit.

South Australian states have suffered significant revenue losses in retail and tourism businesses also. However, if not expedited, it is likely to impact education revenue further in Australia as more than 35,000 Australian students are still stranded overseas.

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