Date : 14 February 2022
Location : Australia

Latest Visa Update for Students with Long-Term Plans to Work and Live in the US

The House of Representatives in the United States has recently passed a bill that will give STEM doctorate graduates a direct pathway to a green card. The COMPETES Act of America aims to boost the research and manufacturing of the United States. The COMPETES Act originally sought to prevent the dependency of the United States on China for semiconductors. This will exclude STEM doctorate graduates from numerical limits on immigrant visas. Further, this bill intends to invest billions of dollars in the United States technology sector, most of which would go to universities. International students from a United States institute of higher education in a STEM field or those who possess an equivalent qualification from an international university are eligible. These students may be required to pay a $1000 supplemental fee to fund scholarships for low-income STEM doctorate graduates. Jill Allen Murray, deputy executive director of Public Policy, introduced the news stating that clear information needs to be given to clarify foreign graduates. Brian Whalen, the executive director, added that this is a strong commitment to retain and attract the top individuals worldwide to advance the STEM fields in the United States.


Reimagining the Life Of The Students From Epidemic To Endemic

COVID has now become an endemic disease. The world has to learn and survive with COVID as it does not seem to end anytime soon. The prevalence of COVID may decrease, but it is certainly no assurity that its impact or severity will fade. Jeff Selingo has noticed that this is forcing universities and colleges to redesign and rethink business and educational models, which hooks on the students' entertainment, eating, living, and learning in a physical location. Along with COVID, other endemic faces by institutions are students with uneven academic knowledge pursuing degrees in highly demanding fields, an increasing number of non-traditional students, and a rise in the number of students with mental health problems and disabilities. Some changes will happen relatively effortlessly. Also, conferences, concerts, theatrical performances, talks, seminars, and many more need to be available remotely to the students and alumni. Other adjustments such as reimagining student life, promoting post-pandemic pedagogies, and accommodating everyone will surely be more difficult but are important nonetheless.


Canadian Colleges Left Indian Students In The Lurch

Three private Canadian colleges, namely M College in Montreal city, College of L'Estrie, and Collège de comptabilité et de secrétariat du Quebec have shut down. A family with a chequered history ran these colleges. The closure of these three colleges has left approximately 2000 Indian students, mostly from Gujarat, Haryana, and Punjab, in the lurch with the immigration status of at least half of them under threat. After spending more than lakhs of money on travel and fee, Indian students have lost their status as students, and their visas and other documents have become invalid. Approximately 637 Indian students were pursuing online classes from their hometown, while approximately 1173 Indian students studied in person at the three colleges in Montreal. Parents of some of the students have lost their life's savings, and others have taken loans to send their kids abroad to study. Students have raised this issue with S Jaishankar, external affairs minister. Binoy Viswam, CPI MP, said the students had been pushed to take action collaboratively, seeking a refund of tuition and visa fees and the opportunity to finish their education.


Active Learning and Three Other Trends Will Shape the Future of Education

Due to the pandemic, universities and students have been pushed to online teaching. Universities worldwide have shown more flexibility in offering both physical and virtual classrooms. The SAT exam for admission in the universities of the United States has recently been digitized and shortened; also, coding is creating its way into more curriculums of schools. These changes show that education is undergoing some much-required reforms. Below are the trends that can be seen taking shape in 2022 to change the future of higher education. Using formative assessment instead of standardized exams – ostly, individuals take admission to higher education based on high-stake tests rather than measure any real competency level. Colleges then try to correct this differentiation by imposing admission quotas. Most universities in the United States have started to abandon high-stake tests. A formative assessment entails both informal and formal evaluations throughout the learning journey.


Tech Leader IBM Collaborates with the University of Florida to Address Key Challenges Faced by Societies

This week the University of Florida has announced their collaboration with technology giant IBM to start a comprehensive skill program. This program is created to extend UF's vision to be an international leader in fintech, data science, artificial intelligence, and many other technologies, which can help solve the biggest challenges faced by society. The collaboration of the University of Florida and IBM is the next step in the dream of UF to lead in artificial intelligence in the country. Kent Fuchs, President of UF, said that this teaming up with IBM puts them on the fast track to leadership in guiding the world to meet the biggest issues of the 21st century. IBM has pledged to use UF tools and software to support the work of the University of Florida in data science and artificial intelligence along with the hybrid cloud. Plans involve using high technology to rethink how industries prepare and operate for the future.


President Mark Wrighton: No Action To Be Taken By Universities Against The Students Who Displayed The Posters Protesting the Beijing Olympics

George Washington University’s President has upturned his decision to eliminate the campus posters objecting to the Beijing Olympics that mentioned Chinese groups provoked racial hatred and cultural tensions. Chinese international scholar groups, at times, make use of the language of social justice to silence criticism of the human rights record of the Chinese government. The event also spots the fears among Tibetan, Uyghur, and pro-democracy Chinese scholars in the U.S. that they cannot work out their freedom of speech. The posters indicate athletes wearing the dress having a Chinese flag directing a rifle at the destined and suppressed Uyghur, skating over the flag of Hong Kong, pinning down a Tibetan, showjumping atop an observation camera doubling as the snowboard, and pushing the virus over the ice. It has been found that Chinese political cartoonist and artist named Badiucao had made the posters before the beginning of the Olympics and made them accessible for free download online. The poster imposes a potential challenge to the personal safety of all Asian and Chinese students at the University.


Here’s How Miami University Along With Three Other US STEM Institutions Are Using Diversity To Create Success

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. All these files have continuously played a significant role in huge feats of humanity. Recently, diversity is inserting a gradual stream of freshly new thoughts and innovations from all paces of life. The biochemist from Hungary laid the basis for mRNA vaccines while performing in U.S. universities. He emerged as one of the champions in developing the COVID – 19 vaccine. Miami University is where ambition meets purpose to prepare students for a lifetime of victory. CEC provides degrees that effectively prepare the scholars for success in corporate fields as business owners, entrepreneurs and much more. Tech-savvy students can join B.S. in electrical engineering, chemical engineering, computer science, software engineering. The second on the list is the Texas University at Arlington. The College of Engineering in UTA is described as the place of passion where students from worldwide congregate in award-winning faculty. Clarkson University seeks to associate students, professionals, and faculty for giving birth to next-generation leaders in innovation via sophisticated pedagogy. Oklahoma State University has a clear mission towards amplifying life-improving research.


New Application Tracker Launched To Speed Up The Processing Of Family Sponsorship Applications

Canada has developed an innovative application tracker meant for candidates of family sponsorships to verify the position of their migration file as it performs its path over the system as a portion of effort to lessen the handling times. The candidates for everlasting dwelling in the category of family finance can use this tracker to look at the position of their solicitations. It is accessible for partners, spousal or dependent children. The officials of immigration expect to have created 147000 everlasting dwelling final verdicts in the initial quarter. New outlays and tools will endure to reunify the relations and mark Canada as the terminus of prime for individuals from across the sphere. During the COVID-19 outbreak, IRCC presented online analysis, established a wired application follower, and propelled ceremonies of simulated nationality.


Four Australian Universities Nurturing The Health Leaders Of Tomorrow

Healthcare refers to acquiring learning on how to control and manage illness and improve individuals' mental and physical well-being. James Cook University provided an unparalleled experience due to its prime location. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree have the unique prospect to create a difference in rehabilitation healthcare in such a remarkable region. Federation University Australia enjoys different goodwill for providing industry-relevant courses involving top-ranked nursing and allied health programs. It tends to have six campuses that are stretched across Victoria. It has rich expertise in paramedicine, occupational therapy, health sciences, speech pathology, physiotherapy, psychology and social work. Tasmania University is situated in the city and wilderness on four campuses within three different areas – Launceston, Burney and Hobart. South Australia University lies in its outstanding brilliancy in research. Their subjects are high ranking among the world's top 100 for exercise, nursing and sports science and the top 150 for pharmacology and pharmacy.


Cambridge and Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research juncture hands for Such Exams

Cambridge and Bharath Institute of Higher Education & Research make an entry into a deliberate conglomerate to offer prospects for profounder academic research, employability, organizing the students for foreign education, and professor upskilling and teacher exchange programs. This institute has engaged a memorandum of Understanding to establish a first-class theoretical language and research progress centre for English. Under the MoU, both associates will distribute the uppermost importance of Learning Assessment and Content and accreditation for employability abilities for scholars and teacher training, English aptitude, and digital knowledge solutions for advanced education schools and institutions. Additionally, educators and students of both institutes will expect to discover the Cambridge English exam for teachers and scholars in Healthcare, Industrial and other subjects. MoU has also unlocked prospects for admittance exams for the scholars and explored BIHER as the exam location for admittance exams for Cambridge UK University and added colleges.

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