Date : 08 July 2021
Location : United States

Biden revoked a student immigration-related policy that attached fixed time limits to certain student visas in the face of widespread opposition.

The new rule requires a limited period of stay for students from outside the US, student exchange visitors, as well as other foreign media representatives.

The bid is an attempt to check fraud, enhance national security and encourage programme compliance'.

Study visas would now not exceed four years, a departure from the practice of allowing student visas to remain valid as long as they are still in school. A study visa could also expire depending on the student’s nationality.

The move could affect students in doctoral programmes that tend to last over four years or those who need more time to complete their degrees.

Chinese students that stand at 500 in number are still experiencing difficulties obtaining a student visa to the United States.

Some qualified Chinese students and researchers' entry stand withheld as Washington deemed their connection to China's "military-civil fusion strategy".

Zhao Lijian, Spokesperson. The Foreign Ministry spokesman has asked the US to clear all such charges and allow Chinese students in the US.

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