Date : 28 September 2021
Location : Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a Liberal by choice, has always favoured multiculturalism and diversity. He studied education at McGill and UBC.

From a young, Trudeau was aware of the students' pain areas while as a lecturer in French and Mathematics.

Even though he lost the majority vote in the Canadian election of 2021, Justin Trudeau became Canada's Prime Minister, promoting more global knowledge sharing.

Trudeau was equally adept at identifying student needs. Trudeau pushed the cause for laws on juvenile citizenship and immigration once in office.

This is also one of the reasons for international students to have a win-win situation if Trudeau is in, the immigration to Canada is likely to get easier.

The country's population is ageing, and the birth rate is low, without bringing in new, talented residents, sustainable growth would be difficult, the Premier feels.

The country's growing international reputation as a centre of education will help fill the gap and international students would get more work in Canada on their graduation.

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