Date : 23 September 2021
Location : United States

It's time for overseas students to experience American culture in universities with a closer relationship with students on a one-to-one basis.

Most of such colleges are tucked in quaint towns with their typically warm culture that provides immense opportunities.

These universities offer:

- Smaller class sizes.

  • Much more individualised professor attention.
  • Opportunities to immerse with the adjoining village community.
  • And more prospects for enhancing English speaking skills.

Colleges in Mississippi are the closest example of such an experience, that has a student ratio of 16:1, friendly neighbours and quaint shops.

Bowdoin is also closely related to the town of Brunswick, adds Vorno, a German and anthropology double major from a non-English speaking country who loves similar experiences here.

International students who come to such colleges typically view their transition as graduates in the university as less traumatic.

Faculty members and other staff members make a concerted effort to get to know and connect with students from different parts of the world on a first name basis.

Some overseas students may favour the more frantic lifestyle of a large city, while others prefer the more calm, laid-back setting of a small town institution.


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