Date : 01 July 2021
Location : United Kingdom

In-person Graduation ceremonies have resumed at Cambridge University. It was started after February 2020 when the first national lockdown occurred due to corona. The senate-house from the 18th century will host the four days graduation ceremony known as General Admission to Degrees for 29 college students.

Authorities at the Cambridge University said that Wednesday is the day from when the ceremonies will be starting. And will be orchestrated cautiously with the rules and regulations of social distancing. The safety advisors of the university along with the Cambridge city council will be consulted for this organization. There will be strict limits on the number of people allowed within the Senate House at one time. The students will be standing in the queue outside before graduating by maintaining social distance.

Family and friends normally were welcomed in the ceremonies. But this time they will be attending the ceremony through the private live-stream links. In its 800 year history, it is the first time when the ceremony will be attended by the families via live-stream link. The university said that it is an important element to celebrate our student’s remarkable achievements traditionally as it is a fitting matter. And this is why under required precaution this auspicious moment will be celebrated.

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