Date : 29 May 2021
Location : Australia

The Southeastern Australian state, Victoria's health minister, Martin Foley, has reported 5 new coronavirus cases on 29th May. These people were infected via stranger to stranger contact, but these cases are not found as mystery cases. These cases are unlike previous cases in the outbreak, they are not family, social or work colleagues. Authorities were able to detect the site of infection. For the precautionary measures to ensure the safety of other citizens, hundreds of people are in quarantine who were close contacts, health ministry has also released a list of exposure sites including restaurants and popular locations where a delivery guy visited after being in close contact with the infected person no. 5. The opposition party of Victoria has expressed its concern regarding how this situation can adversely affect the vaccination drive. People are hesitant to get vaccinated as they dear they'll catch the virus if they step out. This incident has also affected multiple vaccine hubs of the state.


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