Date : 04 February 2022
Location : Australia

The Swinburne University of Technology Reassures Research and Academic Integrity

The Swinburne University of Technology has recently stated that they promote the ethical practices of research. They have further noted that they are committed to ensuring that all the examinations conducted for human research participants have been achieved with respect, integrity, and honesty. Additionally, they have mentioned that their research and academic integrity connects with the policies of their funders and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, including the Australian Research Council. The University of Swinburne has taken allegations of potential misconduct in their research seriously and is working towards investigating them. All their complaints have been handled and followed up with seriousness and sensitivity. They stated that they do not support and promote research or academic misconduct. If anyone is interested to read any further information on Swinburne's codes of conduct, they can visit the university website.


With the Return Of International Students, New Zealand is Back In Business

For international students, New Zealand will be reopened from October, but they will be approximately a year behind other countries. Under the new plans of the New Zealand's government, international students will be allowed to come to the country to study for higher levels. Chief executive of New Zealand universities, Chris Whelan, who represents the eight universities in New Zealand, has said they welcome the much-required certainty. This depicts that at least some students of international universities will be able to make it onshore for the beginning of the second semester. It further illustrates that only a small proportion of the number they know are clamouring to get into New Zealand. He further said that Canada, the UK, the US, and Australia are now totally reopened for foreign students. Still, New Zealand will reopen from October 2023, which will leave them approximately a year behind its competitor countries. The education sector of New Zealand has shown patience as the borders were closed to minimise the threat posed by Covid-19. New Zealand has always been a desirable place for international students to study, but if they show a delay in opening the universities, then students may consider other countries.


First Central University Common Entrance Test to be Held in June and July

The Central University Common Entrance Test will be held in 13 different languages between June and July in India. The exam will be based on the existing senior secondary syllabus of the various boards. The Central University Common Entrance Test is being held for the first time. The National Test Agency will conduct the test and issue the application details and dates. The Ministry of Education will issue the Central University Common Entrance Test notification next week. A ministry official said that the University Grants Commission's expert committee is completing the details and the Ministry is also coordinating and collaborating with all the 42 central universities. This test is for undergraduate admission for the academic session 2022-23. Central University Common Entrance Test will be a computer-based test consisting of domain-specific and common aptitude tests. The Central University Common Entrance Test was supposed to be conducted last year but was postponed due to coronavirus. Forty-two universities such as Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and many more universities will offer admission based on this test.


Changes to the UK Government Law: Virginity Testing Becomes Illegal

The government of the UK has added a clause in its Health and Care Bill that virginity repair surgery or hymenoplasty has become illegal in Wales and England. Virginity testing will also become illegal in November 2021. According to an article of Global Health, virginity testing includes visual checking of the hymenal membrane by a medical professional. In many cases, the inspection involves a two-finger test to check the size of the vaginal opening. Research has shown that no exam or test can accurately identify whether a woman has intercourse, and the idea of such inspections is largely sexist. Richard Holden, a member of the British Parliament, has proposed changing the law. He said that he could not believe that it was still happening in their country and no one had taken any action against it. A government spokesperson said that these amendments are proof of a commitment to the protection of all women and break down the common myth that surrounds a woman's sexuality and virginity.


Only 1% of Casual Staff Transitioned To Permanent Positions Under the Fair Work Act: University of Melbourne

Top universities in Australia are facing many challenges in increasing the numbers of their permanent faculty due to the recent law change in the academic employment field. Only 1% of the casual staff have withheld their positions to join the permanent staff due to the new Fair Work Act. The University of Melbourne and Sydney University are among the universities undergoing the mass casualization of their staff. The University of Melbourne has reduced the number of their permanent faculty that last year comprised 47% of the staff. The fair work act passed early last year implies transitioning of casual staff to permanent roles given if they’ve been working for 12 months minimum in their respective departments. According to a Senate committee hearing, Dr. Julie, an executive at the University of Melbourne stated that only fifty out of the eighth casual staff transitioned into permanent roles and the numbers are disappointingly low. National Tertiary Education Union president Dr. Alison Barnes stated that the government must work or determine an effective plan as interns are just as important for the universities.


In Pursuit of Getting the Immigration System Back on Track, Canada Government Faces a Financial Hit

The Government of Canada has made an entry in 2021 with the ambitious immigration objective. In spite of all the challenges caused by the pandemic, it desired to land over 400000 new immigrants. In a recent press release indicating the steps it is undertaking to enhance the processing of applications, the Canadian government noted that the country has surpassed the target and landed over 405000 immigrants in the previous year. Accomplishing this target in an extremely complex environment is highly appreciable. The pandemic continues to impose challenges for applicants and similarly for the immigration department. Yet, IRCC has managed to defy all such issues and land a record count of new permanent residents. Heartfelt congratulations to the new residents of Canada who can now pursue their aspirations and hopes in the nation. These consist of permanent residents who have acquired benefits from certain policies and measures during the pandemic, like IRCC decreasing its Express Entry score needs and introducing an immigration program for foreign graduates and essential workers in 2021.


It Will Take a Considerable Time for the Numbers to Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Almost tens of thousands of international students have gratified down in Australia ahead of the academic period. However, the university segment has advised that overseas students' export income halved to over $22 billion in 2 years. As per the figures of the new government, over 7000 international students arrived in the nation last week after two years of being sealed out. More than 56000 had come since November, just before the hard international boundaries unstiffened to permit completely vaccinated authorized visa holders like scholars. There is strong demand for Australian study visas, with over 50000 overseas student visas being lodged since late 2021. Catriona Jackson, designated as chief executive of Australian universities, said. At the same time, such numbers were highly promising; there were still over 130000 foreign students enrolled in the universities of Australia that were waiting to be provided access. Overseas students are the largest services export sector of Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed that it has attracted over $22.5 billion in funds in 2021, less than $40.3 billion in 2019.


Universities Fear Widespread Hostility Among Students Could Grow Beyond Control

Students in Australian universities are starting to voice against the profit-driven strategies to pressure them back into crowded classrooms amid this mass death and infection because of COVID. Universities project to reopen this month, despite thousands of illnesses and fatalities registered every day. Most of them, including La Trobe University, the University of Sydney, and the University of Melbourne, have announced a blended model wherein students tend to have the option to attend specified classes through online platforms. Other Australian Universities are forging ahead with the complete return to campus. The initiative to pressure the staff and students into risky campuses is proceeding with the support of trade unions, consisting of student unions and NTEU (National Tertiary Education Union) that covers up the university staff. The association has just taken restricted action of backing up the PIN for the terror of prevalent hostility among staff and students exposed to discharge the control.

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