Date : 29 October 2021
Location : United Kingdom

Day-by-day, the influence of Glasgow University has been increasing on the economy of the UK. Many reports have shown that for the last three years, the contribution has been about 14%. This contribution mainly comes from the research field (42%), operating and other capital transactions (27%), teaching (17%) and others (14%).

Interestingly, as per the research conducted by the London Economics, for every £1 Million that this prestigious university spends, simultaneously, it also generates over £5.8 Million in some other part of the UK. This also points out to the value that the researching and teaching standards of Glasgow university has all over the world.

Owing to the significance of universities playing the part of drivers of Economic development all over the globe, Glasgow University in the United Kingdom has always been on the frontfoot to bring out innovative solutions for the world. Due to the cultural and economic contributions that the university is playing, the centre also attracts a major student population every year. For over 600 years now, this educational institution has been a beacon of high-quality education and research facilities for students all across the globe.

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