Date : 26 May 2021
Location : Russia

The Russian government has good news for foreign students. A new bill is been introduced that simplifies the foreign student to stay in Russian. It also permits them for staying for three years after their graduation if they wish. This bill has not been passed yet but is up for consideration. The bill expects the approval of the State Duma or Russian parliament once it has been approved by the special government commission.

In the present scenario, the foreign students receive the TRP in Russia. TRP stands for "Temporary Residence Permit". This is provided to them within the reserved quota by the government. And this is valid only for three years. The bill developed by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affair proposes to issue the TRP when requested by the foreign student. And the duration should be according to the duration of the student’s studies and for the next 180 days.

This bill aims to establish a special legal regime for foreign citizens. After the bill is passed the foreign student will no longer require submitting the annual notification of their residence.

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