Date : 31 December 2021
Location : Australia


With globalization, student migration has grown on multiple levels, and more students are struggling to select banks for loans. Following are some suggestions that might be handy:

  1. A student should look at the interest rate offered by the bank, as the lower the interest rate, the better it is. But one should see the interest rate fixed or floating because if it is floating, the rate may vary regularly, whereas a settled portion of the rate remains static.
  2. If a student wants to get a rebate in tax payment, they should ensure that their lender is qualified to lend, e.g. a bank or a designated financial institution. Thirdly students must look at what part of education is being covered; for instance, is it only tuition fees or accommodation charges. Fourthly one should look at how flexible the repayment scheme is and any extensions if jobs are not available.
  3. One should look at aspects of the penalty if someone wants to pay the amount earlier than the time allowed.


2) New Rules Make it Easier to Obtain UK Skilled Worker Visa

As of December 1 2020, rules have changed in the U.K., so switching to a skilled worker visa (SWV) is much easier now than it was five years ago. If one is on a T5 Youth Mobility Scheme visa, they already have certain privileges to work and study for up to 2 years. But with new rules, if one is on a working holiday, they can get SWV if a few conditions are met. Likewise, if a student visa is to be converted to SWV, their salary limit will be £20,480 per year as they are fresher. Further, anyone before 26 years shall be seen as a new entrant to the job market. In the case of Intra-company transfers (ICT), after Brexit, employees under ICT visas can change to SWV without a 12 month waiting period. At present, these rules apply to tier 2 works also.


Central Universities Mandate Entrance Tests for All 2022-23 Courses

The Central University Common Entrance Test (CUCET) will change the dimension of the education system soon as there is an entrance test to get admission to the university.

For 2022-23 sessions, Delhi University (D.U.) has made entrance compulsory already. Though sources suggest that the efficacy of this system is too early to be commented upon, news doors shall open for students who have recently passed the 12th board exams. Also, schools in the wake of COVID -19 have dubiously awarded inflated marks, so an entrance shall be a much-needed way to create equilibrium. There are some concerns for weaker sections of students, too, as well as coaching centres will rise massively, and they might be left behind. Other universities like BHU, JNU, Jamia Millia shall apply this scheme too. As per University Grants Commission (UGC), the National Testing Agency (NTA) will be the nodal agency to conduct the exam. Earlier students who wanted admission had to make it to the college's merit list. It was based on marks obtained in the board exam. However, with the entrance exam, the decision for college admission shall be based on the student's performance in the entrance.



The scientist who has been working in the Cleveland Clinic of the United States has recently discovered a novel technique to treat cancer without using chemotherapy. The experiment was conducted on mice, and as it was successful, the same has been expected to be further advanced on humans soon. The experiment is seen as a watershed moment because if it is possibly extended to humans successfully, it might change the treatment procedure altogether. Currently, more side effects are associated with chemotherapy in the form of hair loss, allergy, the immune system's response, etc. The scientist has made a way to ensure that the miR-21 gene remains infective. MiR-21 gene provides a programmed death of a cell. So as chemotherapy kills the cancerous cells and healthy cells alike, it will not harm the cells if the MiR-21 gene remains infective. In the later stages of the experiment, tumours in the mice got reduced to a substantial level. Further, some tumours even disappeared altogether. So, in the long run, the chemotherapy procedure may change soon.


5) Locus Petal Foundation Announces Scholarship Worth 65000 INR for Marginalised Students

It is hard for students of weaker section economies to get a scholarship, so recently, Lotus petal Foundation has come out with scholarships for those who want to pursue a career in pharmacy, nursing, medical and engineering. The scholarship is aspirational because the focus is female students. Further, the last date is January 31 to be assured with time. Apart from the subject, the other eligibility criteria for the scholarship are that students must be from a marginalized section with a family income of less than 5 lakh per annum. In addition, they must have passed 10th or 12th grade with 70%. The amount of Rs.65000/- shall be paid per annum until the student completes his course, and it shall include every cost concerning education. Applying for the scholarship is as simple and easy as first; it starts with reading the conditions. All the stated criteria have to be fulfilled; at that time, details have to be uploaded, and then the submission will be made accordingly. The scholarship is for those who want to go into a government medical or engineering college.


With the inception of 2022, many bans will be lifted. Particularly the 14-day travel band put in place for African counters in the southern portion of the Africa continent shall be lifted soon. These bans were put in place because there was a rising menace of the omicron variant of the COVID -19 virus. However, restrictions standstill today and only after December 31 mid-night the restrictions shall be relaxed. If one wants to travel to the United States of America, one has to take COVID – 19 test within 24 hours from the day before the trip begins. Another announcement includes that there will be no need to come to the consular office to interview for the visa application if the waiver is discretionary and extended to visa categories like H-1, H-3 etc. There are other additional conditions like no prima facie ineligibility etc. Last but not least, authorities have declared that the passport of U.S. citizens, which has expired, can be used till 31st march 2022 to come back home. The passport should at least hold an original validity of 5 years.



Migrant workforces in New Zealand endure significant obstacles to staying in the nation, despite the Labour Party allowing 165,000 persons on temporary visas. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) had received applications from 27,529 persons by December 21, but only 881 were allowed. As per requirement, there are six conditions to get a permit; Three years or a longer stay, earning more than the median pay, being on the long-term skill shortage list, being registered to work in health or education, or working in the healthcare industries. Meanwhile, hundreds of New Zealanders on work and student visas have been outside the country since the border closed in March 2020. Access to entry has been denied. Throughout the epidemic, New Zealand authorities had maintained a strict deportation policy, especially for individuals who "overstay" their visas or commit minor violations of terms. Many individuals who are on work, student, and other visas cannot apply for the "road to residence" due to discriminatory laws. However, INZ has recently accepted visas for those who have committed to investing millions of dollars in New Zealand, clearly discriminating.



Australia has long been a popular destination for Indian students, workers, and even permanent residents. There are several sorts of visas available for Indians visiting, working, or relocating to India from Australia. Starting with a student visa, there are various options for students particularly in subjects like arts & humanities, science and technology. The Australian government spends around $200 million per year on Global Scholarships, so a lot of scope is there. Then the Employment Visa, which is the most well-known of all the work visas. The most known type is Visa 457, which is utilized to provide work from an Australian employer. Then there is one experienced visa, where one must submit an "expression of interest" request with all of the necessary information and should have a score of at least 60 points on the worth list. This section is dominated by the 189 and 190 types. The next significant visa is the household visa, which is available to your relatives if you fit into the aforementioned categories. Finally, there is permanent residence. To obtain the same, one must work and reside for at least four years.


In Southampton, the DIOS-CoVax needle-free Coronavirus vaccine was tested in December 2021. However, 318,699 additional cases have been recorded in the United Kingdom as of today. The vaccine is ascribed to Professor Jonathan Heeney, who describes it as "the first step toward a universal coronavirus vaccination." The vaccine is delivered through a burst of air using a spring jet injection mechanism, which eliminates the need for needles. According to the BBC, DIOS-CoVax targets COVID – 19 family viruses using a unique "predictive method". Professor Heeney has even stated that the new vaccine will be capable of dealing with all variants, and that the needle-free vaccination will be safer in terms of contact than its rivals. Furthermore, DIOS-CoVax is more than an option for those who are afraid of needles in general. The secondary effect of the new discovery in the field of COVID -19 vaccine and delivery system is extremely welcome since it will have a significant impact on the citizens of second and third world countries. Because the vaccine is still in the testing phase and more work has to be done, if it proves to be effective, its components will be powdered and dispersed throughout nations to satisfy vaccination demands and enhance immunity.


10) In 2021, Major Immigration to Canada was From India, China, and the Philippines

Despite COVID-19 limits, India's immigration to Canada is substantial, and the number of new Permanent Residents (PR) in Canada has risen dramatically. The Canadian government has already provided 96,660 new PR to Indians. Though the rate of PR awards plummeted by over 45.9% in 2020, by October of this year, the rate had reached an all-time high of roughly 12.9%. Canada declared in October 2020 that it will grant 401,000 additional PR in 2021 and around 421,000 in 2023. Last year, China and the Philippines were ranked seventh and eighth, respectively and this year once immigration data are released, India will have 15% more new PR in Canada than it had previously.

China, on the other hand, would lose 15.6 percent of its population, while the Philippines will lose 51.1 percent. Generally, it is assumed that the policy's primary goal is to promote economic recovery and long-term economic growth. It is self-evident that newcomers generate jobs by imparting skills and even establishing enterprises in order to survive in the country. As a result, the authority's strategy is to address the severe labor shortages and population increase that are required to maintain Canada competitive on the global arena. If one compares the two countries, India has received more PR than China and the Philippines.


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