Date : 30 April 2022
Location : United Kingdom

Students in Their First Year of University Bear the Strain of Tuition Increases

In the March quarter, the cost of tertiary education increased by 6.3 percent. For new students, the Morrison government's Job-ready Graduates fee hikes went into effect. Thousands of first-year students enrolled in popular courses like business and law have seen their tuition skyrocket. According to data, the Coalition's changes to university tuition have resulted in a considerable drop in applications for several disciplines of study. Because enrolment data for 2021 and 2022 have not yet been released, it is unclear if the revisions have had the anticipated impact of encouraging students to enrol in lower-cost courses. The number of university applications for business, management, and commerce degrees has decreased by 8.1 percent. With 23.9 percent of applicants, society and culture remained the most popular topic of study. Peter Hurley, a Mitchell Institute education policy scholar at Victoria University, stated that growing living costs had made university finance a political issue.


Free Undergraduate Education Is Advocated to Save Colleges and Improve Jobs

Over the last two years, enrolling in a university in Australia has become a tremendous financial risk for many people. What was formerly considered feasible has gradually turned into an issue of whether local and overseas students can afford the loans. The average length of time it takes to repay a HELP loan is 9.3 years. The Morrison government announced major adjustments to select university degree costs in 2020 under the guise of a pandemic response. The demand for communication and humanities degrees has increased by 115%. According to a research undertaken by an Australian Institute, it said that undergraduate education might become free for everybody if the next government increased the funding coming from the public by 1 per cent. Thousands of people can be employed in undergraduate education. The Covid-19 outbreak devastated the public school system, which had already been weakened by decades of financial cutbacks and political inaction. Almost 40,000 jobs were lost during the pinnacle of the pandemic, with 35,000, which came from the public sector.


Why Is There a State-Wide Enrollment Decrease in Michigan?

National Student Clearinghouse Research Center stated that College enrolment has been down 14% between 2011 and 2020. Michigan has performed poorly in comparison to the domestic average. The number of students that are enrolling in colleges that are within the state has decreased by 30%. There were 303,969 pupils in 2011, and there are now 262,985. The fundamental factor, according to many Michigan experts, is dropping birth rates and high school graduates. According to one argument, the decline in births that were seen in the first decade of the new century resulted in a decreasing number of Michigan high school graduates. That number is expected to drop to roughly 95,800 by 2021, a drop of over 10%. Although the overall number of students enrolled at Michigan's public colleges has decreased by 13%, the average change that was seen across all public institutions has increased by 17.93%. Between 2011 and 2021, a Michigan public institution might witness a roughly 18 percent reduction in enrollment. A variety of variables are driving this movement toward flagship colleges, or the most renowned colleges or universities within a state.


Senator Bill Cassidy Will Speak at The Inauguration of PA Program Class

The inaugural PA Program Class of 2022 will be celebrated by Xavier University of Louisiana and Ochsner Health. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D., of the United States, will deliver the commencement address. The 28-month full-time graduate programme in health sciences, which then eventually will lead to a master's degree, starts in 2020. Xavier University is one of the four HBCUs in the country that offers a PA programme. Between 2020 and 2030, demand for medical assistants is expected to increase by 31%. In the United States today, there are about 150,000 PAs. 37 physician assistants are scheduled to graduate from this first PA class. Ochsner and state leaders released the Healthy State by 2030 10-year vision in 2020. This is a joint effort to raise Louisiana's health rankings from the bottom of the national rankings. With joint activities and partnerships between the hospital systems and the HBCUs, the cooperation has grown. The initial graduating PA class at Xavier University is made up of 13 percent African Americans and 64 percent minorities. For this initial class, 40 prospective PAs were selected from more than 500 applicants. Only 3.3 percent of physician assistants are African American, according to a study that was released in 2020.


Post-Pandemic Study Abroad Fairs Are Gaining Momentum

On Saturday, Leverage Edu hosted the Mumbai Chapter of UniConnect Fair at the JW Marriott Juhu. More than 30 universities from the top countries like Ireland, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, etc took part. For many applicants, long lines and waiting times were inconvenient. It revealed that many people are either preparing to go to their preferred study location this year or by the autumn of the following year. Regent's University of London, Nottingham Trent University, and University of Essex were among the institutions represented. Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, England, earned a name for itself by offering a variety of Master's programmes to students. In conjunction with Leap Finance, Geebee Education also hosted a study expo at Hotel Sahara in Vile Parle, Mumbai. More parents, together with their children, attended the expo and spoke with representatives from other colleges. To assist students in finding the proper university for them, it used a first-come, first-served strategy. Many hopefuls brought a variety of academic documents to the fair for on-the-spot evaluation and scholarships.


The PNP Immigration Results for April 2022 Are Here

In order to become a permanent resident of Canada, about 3,000 persons sought provincial nomination. The PNP is a programme that is looked over by the federal and territorial governments. It permits Canadian provinces and territories to create their own immigration streams to meet their employment market needs and industrial development objectives. By 2024, it is expected that PNPs alone would result in 93,000 immigrants coming into the country and then staying there for the rest of their lives. Many smaller Canadian provinces, such as Newfoundland and Labrador, rely on this programme to meet their population and workforce demands. In most participating provinces and territories, at least one PNP stream is linked to the Express Entry system, which looks after three immigration programmes in Canada. PNP streams connected to Express Entry allow provinces to choose candidates from the Express Entry pool and ask them to submit a provincial candidacy. In two Express Entry drawings for Premier's Nationals Program (PNP) applicants in April, 1,554 candidates were invited, an increase over the previous month. The bulk of Express Entry applications will be handled within the six-month time frame set by the IRCC. Early July will see the resumption of Express Entry invites for the CEC candidates.


China Has Stated That Certain Indian Students Will Be Allowed to Return

Students from India who have enrolled in Chinese institutions but have been in India for more than two years may be allowed to return to China shortly to restart their studies. China has stated that it is willing to assist Indian students in returning to China "on a need-based basis." The deadline for completing a form currently accessible on the embassy's website is May 8, 2022. According to an Indian Embassy in Beijing press statement dated April 29, in order to allow Indian students to return, the embassy must compile a list of students that will be submitted with Chinese authorities for consideration. China has requested Indian students returning to China to strictly follow COVID-19 procedures and agree to bear the fees associated with the measures. According to Zhao Lijian, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the Chinese side has discussed with Indian officials the processes and experiences of international students returning to China. He has stated that the process of returning Indian students to China has already begun, and that all India needs to do now is submit a list of individuals whose return is truly essential.


Online MBA Students Now Outnumber Regular MBA Students in The United States

Online MBA programmes are presently more common in the United States than the regular MBA programmes that are there on campus. For the calendar academic year 2020-2021, 45,038 students in the United States registered in online MBA programmes, compared to 43,740 in full-time MBA programmes. Students enrolled in full-time programmes continue to outnumber students enrolled in online programmes.The AACSB is the leading accrediting body for business schools. 82,322 students in the United States are pursuing MBAs in weekend and evening programmes. This number is 127,844 students all over the world, accounting for 51% of the MBA students presently enrolled. The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan graduated its first online MBA student in August. The inaugural cohort of Boston University's new Online MBA programme graduated in May, and the programme currently has a total enrolment of 1,700 students who are enrolled in online MBA programmes. The school has decided to keep the program's initial fee of $24,000 for the coming year. It hopes to recruit about 550 students in one of its two intakes this autumn. According to a poll of business school deans, in the next two years, all the popular business schools will enter the market of MBA programmes that will be conducted online.


A University Has Turned Down a Request for Financial Aid from A Ukrainian Student

Nikolai Nizalov, a Ukrainian student, was refused financial assistance from the University's Ukrainian Conflict Student Hardship Fund. At the end of last term, the biology student appealed to the fund for assistance in covering the costs of equipment, transportation, and supplies for himself and other volunteers. Nikolai is now on his first operational assignment as a drone pilot and medic on the front lines. On his Instagram account, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the University's decision, saying that it seemed like they were forcing him to pick between his degree and stopping a genocide in his country. Nikolai has relied on donations from his campaign to fund his volunteer drone unit, and was looking for financial help from the University to cover his living expenses. Nikolai stated, "This money would have made a significant difference in my life. It's a modest amount of money for the university, but it's a huge thing to me.”


A New Collaboration Has Been Announced Between SC Johnson and The Non-Profit Ocean Generation

SC Johnson, the developer of well-known consumer products including Mr Muscle, announced a new venture with the Ocean Generation on May 3rd. The Blue Paradox exhibition's material will be included into Ocean Generation's Ocean Academy curriculum as part of the agreement. It's an open-source digital learning centre featuring a resource library for teachers and parents. Nearly half of primary and secondary school teachers in the United Kingdom believe that present environmental and sustainability instruction is inadequate. Following the UK Department for Teaching's announcement at COP26 to adopt more climate change education in schools, there has been an upsurge in the interest in environmental education for the youth. The Ocean Academy initiative strives to guarantee that knowledge about the ocean is translated into action. It's a whole curriculum with authorised lesson plans that can be used both online and in the classroom. In 2022, the initiative will reach over 50,000 UK students.


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