Date : 20 May 2022
Location : Australia

DISHA, a robot, successfully gets launched at the Global Impact Summit 2022

DISHA (Discrete Interactive Smart and Heterogenous Agent) is a combined effort of a few bright minds at Woxen University. DISHA is a robot that includes a camera for live streaming, motion sensors with a head tracking feature and a voice assistant to assist the users while interacting. It also has a 7-inch display for visual assistance and a base with 3 Gear DC motors that allow its swift motion. WoU SEED Research Grant funded the project.

Woxen University encourages and promotes innovative ideas with cutting edge technology. The Artificial and Robotic lab encompasses the latest GPUs and rum complex to promote applied learning and encourage students to innovate and create technology-based solutions.

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Scholarship and financial aid announced for international students in Australia

Australia will soon be providing a fee waiver to international students for pursuing their education in Australia. The Western Australian government grants 41.2 million Australian dollars to improve the international education sector. The funding is inclusive of scholarships and bursaries to cover the education cost of international students. This is the latest revision to the state budget (2022-2023).

WA David Templeman, International education minister, said that Western Australia is aware of the significance of international education as it has a huge contribution to the state’s economy and growth. The WA government will offer two new scholarship programs; Premier’s University scholarship with $ 2 million over 4 years and a Bursary worth 4 million for 4 years, which will provide 20,000/annum to each selected student. Study Perth, the promotional body, will also receive $ 4.5 million to help international students feel welcomed and supported while pursuing their education in Australia.

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Victorian students forced back into home learning due to the sudden outbreak of flu and covid-19

The health department warned the senior education staff about the double in flu cases in a week in Victoria for the past few weeks. People aged 5-19 are the worst affected by influenza this year. The high rise in cases has prompted schools to reintroduce masks among people, although it hasn’t been mandated.

The increase in flu cases and ongoing covid-19 has led to a staff shortage, making it difficult for both the staff and students to deal with education and learning. The classes are operated remotely, and the campus has sent whole year levels home. Owing to the safety concerns of staff and students, state government schools have implemented remote learning from the start of the year.

Many schools look forward to curbing some activities that include sending students and staff outdoors. Some schools also warn parents that schools may be forced to close if the condition deteriorates. Many schools have also begun a hybrid model of education to facilitate learning for students who are in isolation. The shortage of staff due to ongoing flu and COVID-19 has also led principals and retired teachers, including final year students, to take classes online.

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Planning to study in the US? Make sure to ask International Student Office these four questions

International students often wishlist courses and universities in the US with a desire to educate themselves in the top universities of the US. There are many options available for pursuing graduate or undergraduate courses, and with the right research, you can get into the right place at the right time. One of the ways is by reaching out to the International student's office of your chosen university through email or call. You must check the university website before contacting the concerned authority directly to have some information handy. Once you have followed these steps, here are 4 important questions you can ask them:

  1. Availability of classes
  2. Scholarship facility for students
  3. Hostel facilities and availability of housing options for international students
  4. If they have any student representatives, students can connect with them if they have any doubts or queries.

Having all this information helps you in decision making and allows you to proceed further with your admission procedure.

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Major protest against a racist incident at Stellenbosch university

According to the South African student's congress, a white student broke into the room of a black student and urinated on his belongings. This incident has enraged many in the country. The vice president of the university, Vim de Villiers, stated that they are shocked by this behaviour stating that no student has the right to play with anyone’s dignity. The incident has led to multiple protests on the campus where students of all races participated.

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Unrest at eSwatini university continues as the students protest against the change of government and democracy

In a protest against the change of government and democracy, students at eSwatini university attacked the police and soldiers and have also been accused of burning and damaging police property.

In a vengeful attack, one of the police officers was shot and is now hospitalised. The anger of the youth is vengeful, and there may be more such incidents in the coming weeks, as stated by Siboniso Mkhabela, Head of International Relations.

The Swaziland national union of student president Colani Maseko was also hospitalised after being brutally attacked by a group of students.

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All About the Ontario election (2022) You Need to Know

Even though the international students in Canada can’t participate in the Ontario election in 2022, they must have a brief knowledge. While most international students may not be interested in knowing about the election, they must understand that politics affects the policies. The election may affect the education system, healthcare facilities, transportation etc., which may directly or indirectly affect the life of international students too. It is important to know about the government of a place you are currently living in to stay informed about any changes after the election.

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