Date : 16 August 2021
Location : United Kingdom

Come Fall in the UK and the lingo in the college campus changes style from the soft British English to the hackneyed, which can leave any first-timer on the campus totally miffed and ragged.

Here’s a lingo that rings back in the ears even years later when one sits down musing: “O hoy! ( for that’s how the lads & lassies mostly greet within the premises) I am catchin’ up the birdies flockin’ the campus. I need some breath from the tedious, boring, bloody monologues in the classrooms and auditoriums, you comin’ mate?”

And the atrium remains the only place for dialoguing on the campus to vent out with buddies who have just gotten together to build the new crescendo, likely to get bigger in the days ahead.

Freshmen banter about their first-hand experiences and Sophomores seeking freshers to overcome their gutted feelings. They have really done enough skiving (miss classes with faked illness) to feel so.

And If I wrote along more, my college musings, it may sound daft innit (isn’t it)?

Therefore, I must budge up (make room for others) before I lose the plot faffing (wasting someone’s time) acquainting them to the new diction doing the rounds currently in the college campus --that Millennials are already good at!

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