Date : 04 June 2021
Location : Australia

Elon Musk, the Tesla king, is a benchmark on his own. A single meme posted on Twitter had a panic button ring in Crypto quarters when the Crypto bulls feared Bitcoin shares sliding, and so they did.

It tumbled 3 percent last night when Tesla Inc. Elon posted a broken heart emoji on the twitter platform.

What happened next, the cryptocurrency quarters of Bitcoin that was so controversial till the year 2013, suddenly acquired a worth of more than $6 billion, when the Midas touch chief executive Elon Musk simply showed his interest in the company. However, Elon’s post of an emoji with a broken heart featuring a couple going through a breakup that read: # Bitcoin (broken heart emoji) had the company bulls shaking in fear! The shares tumbled this morning with Elon posting his heart meme on Twitter, last evening. Elon Musk and Crypto Community have been at loggerheads for a while now due to the billionaire Space X's owner's irresponsible tweets that shake up the already very volatile crypto markets.

No Wonder, the crypto community has launched a new coin called "StopElon" aimed at nullifying the effects of his tweets on crypto valuation; especially the Bitcoin (BTC) and the meme inspired Dogecoin.

Say ‘no’ to broken heart emojis Elon!

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