Date : 12 August 2021
Location : Australia

It's concerning to know how fast Australia is losing money in its most coveted industry, education.

The entry ban last year, cost the Australian economy a loss of $60,000 per student, their overall spending during their academic stay.

According to the International Education Association, Australia lost more than 100,000 international students from April to July this year.

Since the beginning of July, approximately 158,000 student visa holders have remained outside Australia. The numbers are 88,769 students from China and 17,008 students from India.

The overseas students are affected each time the government extends its travel restrictions. It causes a great deal of frustration and uncertainty among students.

Students are peeved as the online education was not what these students signed up for, but expected face-to-face on-campus participation.

It would be a huge 'pity' if students changed their minds and pursued higher education in other countries.

The Australian government has urged officials to consider ways to signal the students the timeframe by which they can expect to be back using updated information on phone apps and websites.

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