Date : 30 August 2021
Location : United States

Delay in delivering visas at the U.S. embassies has had many international students heading the U.S. for studies miffed. The delay in their visa clearance is as late as nine months.

A Myanmar student of Art and Design received her U.S. embassy appointment late. As a result, she was delayed in the process by three and a half months.

An international student visa for the U.S. requires an in-person interview for international students. U.S. bound students believe that the country should just open their visa application system instead of working on a limited schedule.

Educational support groups found the reduced speed in delivering work at the visa office is on account of fewer staff at the office for timely clearance.

Ravi Shankar, director of the International Services Office, New York, said, “a delay of just a ten-minute interview practice with the student applicants is likely to endanger losing talent”.

The U.S. is likely to lose its students to other countries like Canada, Britain, and China and Australia, the top U.S. competitors for international students.

However, the number of applicants applied on the Common App used by the U.S. going students indicates a 13 per cent rise in applications here

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