Date : 24 August 2021
Location : Australia

One of the largest regional Universities in Australia is Charles Sturt University. It has been announced that the health students must get jabbed from the next year, that is 2022. If the students do not have both the dose of vaccination done, they will not appear for the placement process.

“There are around 4,000 health students in Charles Sturt University having two thirds on placements at any one time. The placements are done for the top hospitals and other health services. There might be exceptional cases where students do not wish to get vaccinated. Under such a scenario, the university will know the reason, and it must be valid. Then it will be decided whether there will be the position for such student during placements or not.” said Professor Megan Smith. She is the executive dean of the health and science department at the university.

She further added that “the health students have to deliver their duty at the places where they meet the people who are unwell and vulnerable. They have to be placed at the places where surrounding demands them to be healthy, and this is the reason why the health students must get both the doses of vaccination.”

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