Date : 14 May 2021
Location : United States

Despite two of the famous covid vaccines- BioNTech and Pfizer announced fit for use for children, the schools in the US will not make it mandatory due to the public hesitation which still persists.

The hesitation is also a repercussion of the reliance on mRNA technology that is only to be used when in an emergency. Additionally, studies have shown that children are not so susceptible to covid conditions, as compared to adults, which is why going for something like this has not been made mandatory so far, says Reiss, a law university professor from California.

Covid vaccines are considered highly experimental, which is why the after-effects cannot be traced even in coming decades. According to research that was undertaken by Harvard, Rutgers, Northwestern, and the Northeastern universities, over a quarter of the total mother refused to get their children vaccinated soon. As a result of the hesitation on the efficacy of the covid vaccines, the president of the AFT union, Randi Weingarten emphasizes not mandating the dose of vaccines for children in the US presently. Once the parents are sure, this process can take place.


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