Date : 02 September 2021
Location : United States

This semester, several international colleges and universities have resorted to disenroll students that have not submitted their vaccination proof.

Virginia Tech and the Xavier University in New Orleans are the latest to do so. Violators here and other colleges have faced fines; authorities here have also dropped College students.

The Xavier University in New Orleans has disenrolled as many as 130 students because of no vaccination documentation. The mandatory instructions for vaccination came in mid-July.

The University of Virginia dropped at least 238 students, including those enrolled for this Fall, for violating its vaccine order despite repeated requests for vaccination on email, phones and texts.

Rowan University in New Jersey also plans to go the same way if there is no proof for even their first shots. It is a concerted attempt to prevent the delta variant of the COVID-19 that is dreaded equally from entering campus.

Some universities also offered incentives to their students and faculty for being fully vaccinated, from free tuition to gift certificates, like the University of Wisconsin (UW) being one.

However, the University of Virginia also disenrolled several students who failed to show their appropriate vaccination proofs.

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