Date : 11 September 2021
Location : Australia

“Once enough population is fully vaccinated, the country could begin reducing the restrictions and start with the process of reopening,” said the Australian government. Although there are some states where the surge in cases can be seen in Sydney, PM Scott Morrison said that the country must learn to live with COVID-19 when the vaccination rate reaches higher. He noted that “lockdowns cannot be continued forever as this is not a sustainable way for a country to live. And so this must end once we have our vaccination rates high by at least 70%-80%.”

According to a report, Australia is not expected to reach the rate of 80% vaccination until December. When the rates of vaccination rise high, Australians will be free to travel interstate. And there is still no time decided to begin the pilot program that would help the international students return.

Currently, Australia is tackling the transmissible Delta variant and is again within the weeks-long lockdowns. New Zealand is also battling with the Delta Variant, to which the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern said that “this has originated from the outbreak in Sydney”.

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