Date : 15 May 2021
Location : Australia

It has been over fourteen months since the pandemic conditions started in Australia. Now, the universities in Australia are organizing campaigns to put forth their plea of loosening the restrictions that were imposed on traveling in and out of Australia. Many reputed universities like the University of Sydney have been working upon devising out effective national strategies to keep covid out.

On Friday, they also presented a report to showcase different ways that can be followed if Australia could reopen now. Mark Rigotti says, “it is true that eliminating Covid-19 is not possible, however, we need to find solutions so that we can slowly get normal successfully like we were before the current pandemic lockdowns started”.

He also believes that Australia has already won the war when it minimized the casualties. Now, it is time to win peace by interacting with the rest of the world. This plea can also be viewed as a pushback against the Australian government that initially decided to keep the lockdowns intact until the middle of 2022 at least. However, in some regions, international students are given priority and allowed to move back to Australia.

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