Date : 18 August 2021
Location : Australia

President of the CISA or Council of International Students Australia Belle Lim is often seen representing the issues of international students to the national authorities. She can often be spotted at the conferences or meetings where the policy discussion about international students occurs. She is a Ph.D. student studying at Monash University Australia in breast cancer genetics.

She was asked about her thoughts on the success rate of the new pilot plan. Lim said that “I do not find this new pilot program to be successful and helpful for bringing international students back until the borders are closed.” Lim further added that this is quite clear by the facts and figures we have currently.

There are more than 160,000 students who are stuck outside Australia. And the pilot plan which is now yet finalized with the proper date will help 250 students in batches. This is similar to taking away a drop from the ocean. Until the borders are not opened properly the challenges for international students will not be solved. Lim also said, "not just the students but the universities and education providers are also suffering financial loss due to the border closure."

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