Date : 14 May 2021
Location : Australia

Finally, international students could sail to Queensland on specially chartered flights under an aspiring ground plan formulated by the state’s universities. Undoubtedly the education sector, especially the universities in Australia, have gone through their low points due to the absence of international students due to the outbreak of COVID-19. However, there is a possibility of the return of the overseas students escalated in the federal budget.

The proposal is to take the cohorts of the students to the air and quarantine them outside before putting them in the universities. According to the Queensland Vice-Chancellor’s committee, the state and federal governments in the country must authorize the scheme. The proposal will be put in front of the state government this month before hovering international students.

However, the proposal gained criticism from the union and medical experts who considered it unfair as till now there are more than 35.000 Australian Stuck overseas and there are no such schemes to bring them back.

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