Date : 16 July 2021
Location : United States

The trend that started a few months back in the United Kingdom has caught on with UWA. Students are angered with the noose tightening on Humanities, calling it a 'slow death of their field'. They are outraged, stating they can't graduate with the degree they signed up for at the time of admission, and now the fees are non-refundable.

The University of Western Australia (UWA), in its 2020 academic year, plans to pull off majors in anthropology and sociology. Some students seek a refund, saying they wouldn't have chosen UWA had they known their plans ahead for the School of Social Sciences, which removed several research staff to teaching-focused roles. However, a consensus is awaited within a ten-day time frame.

Amit Chakma, vice-chancellor, UWA, in a statement to the Press, said that the cuts were made in other universities also in the light of saving a university loss that amounted to $40 million. He indicated more cuts were on the way. However, they would not be limited to the school of social sciences alone; there is a likelihood of the changes impacting everybody, Amit added

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