Date : 16 June 2021
Location : Australia

The Singapore Australia travel bubble talks initiated October 2020, in June 2021 also they are still in the nascent stage.

Both the Prime Ministers, Lee Hsien Loong - Singapore and Scott Morrison - Australia, have welcomed “safe and calibrated” travel between the two countries.

All students from elsewhere in the world are hopeful that the two countries will allow an influx of international students similar to the athletes moving around for Sporting events here.

However, the influx can only be implemented following vaccination guidelines; both Prime Ministers complied.

The safest proposition remains when the total population is safely jabbed. Singapore covered 33 % of the population, while Australia remained at 2.6 %. Therefore, a benchmark remains inferring consciously.

The Australian government is open to the idea of having a limited number of movements in the travel bubble, hopeful for resuming the inflow of students on account of their socioeconomic value.

The number has reduced drastically in these Pandemic months, hitting many Australian jobs also supported by the international students’ community.

Singapore suggested it could be the quarantine ground for third-world countries that cannot afford quarantine expenses in the Australian premises.

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