Date : 09 July 2021
Location : United Kingdom

The Sun never sets in the British Empire; it has been a pet penchant for many students in Humanities. Things ahead, however, look dismal reportedly in the faculty of Humanities, the UK.

London decides a course closure in its various Art faculty like languages, humanities, and social science, ridiculed by the Tory government as “ dead-end courses”.

Some of the most coveted colleges of Arts faculty will see closure to these courses in the ensuing year ahead.

The Graffiti on the wall was written last year with the University of Arts London, closing the Drama Centre London calling it “unsustainable”.

This followed by Sheffield closing Archeology and soon universities of Cumbria, Chester and Hull followed derailing more than 3000 temporary employees in the universities.

A deep-rooted assault on higher education drives these cuts, say the association of teachers and students. Says the Tory Government that the need of the hour for the universities is to address the gaps in our labor market in Finance and Technology.

The likely increase in these two sectors will have more graduates available in it than the number of jobs to accommodate them in the future ahead.

However, the service providers on these subjects continue to have a field day ahead.


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