Date : 16 September 2021
Location : Canada

It’s Alberta now.
Premier Jason Kenney, concerned about the health emergencies that may cause staff and intensive bed shortage in the next ten days.

Alberta introduced a wide range of new public health measures as a preemptive against rising COVID-19 cases to slow down virus transmission amongst the unvaccinated Albertans.

However, it plans to exempt the fully vaccinated citizens from the rule. The Premier also introduced proof of the COVID-19-vaccination program, not implemented earlier.

Alberta had welcomed the idea of its borders ‘stay open for good’. Kenney’s government backtracked commitment on account of the pandemic’s fourth wave, leaving its mark in the city, and threat perception from the neighborhood.

Alberta, so far, has registered 270 patients in the last few days in the intensive care unit, confirmed president, Alberta Health Services, Dr Verna Yiu. Healthcare is pushed to the limit despite having the most significant per-capita budget in Canada.

According to official website information, children from grade 4 attend schools maintaining protocol. Firms, too, don’t need exemptions if following mentioned protocols. Rules for maintaining social protocols have also been enlisted. Visit the official website for more.

Premier Kenny maintains, “Albertans are facing an emergency that requires immediate action,” he said.


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