Date : 04 September 2021
Location : United States

The four-year universities in Alabama are using incentive programs within their campus. This is to increase the vaccinated population on the campus against the COVID-19. This initiative is taken after the students are returning to campus for the in-person studies. The state’s two largest universities have their incentive programs. The University of Alabama increased the amount of the incentive. It also extended the deadline for the students to show the proof of their first shot.

Not the students have the time of 10th September until they can show the proof that they have gotten the first vaccine shot. And they will receive $40 for doing this in their Bama cash account.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is giving out $20 in Blazer Bucks to the student show have completed the entire sequence of vaccines till 30th September. The University of South Alabama is giving out the incentive of $25 to the students, and the parking passes to all the students who are done with the first COVID-19 vaccine shot.

58% of the UA’s population has received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the UA’s COVID-19 dashboard.

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