Date : 19 May 2021
Location : United Kingdom

UUK or the Universities UK which is the 140 English universities advocate supports the “Fair admission review” once again for abolishing the predicted grade system last year. This decision was carried out by the universities, colleges, schools, leaders at UCAS. This decision aims to form a system that is more transparent and confident.

“The admissions system at the universities should happen only when the government invests more into the career advice for the different applicants. This will provide a better and wide range of choices among the students,” says, UUK

“Not all the applicants are from the privileged background and need to be supported by the system responsibly, as academic is the significant part of the growth in life. So the government must have a transparent and confident system for admission.” asserted Quintin McKellar who is UUK’s vice president for England and Northern Ireland and also the Chair of Fair Admissions Review.

Two of the models that were proposed by government consultations were not completely welcomed by the UUK. There are few drawbacks to both approaches.

Model 1, is the Post-qualification application that is unworkable according to the UUK. It is believed that this model would end the student’s reliance on predicted grades. But still, many points are unmanageable.

Model 2 which is Post –Qualification offers, is a more favored one but requires few fundamental adjustments that are aligned with the Fair Admissions Review PQO. This will improve the current situation and make the system better.

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